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Hearing loss affects us on many different levels. It is not just an increased difficulty in hearing surrounding sounds but also understanding the clarity of speech. Even everyday activities, like driving, can be impacted by hearing loss. Has someone ever reminded you that your directional signal was on but you did not hear it. However, with hearing aids, the impact of hearing loss can be lessened and help to improve your quality of life. Let’s find out more.

Hearing Aids for Hearing Loss

When you are not hearing something properly your brain needs to work harder to make sense of it. This can also make it difficult to process or remember certain information.  Wearing hearing aids can help to reduce the cognitive load which can improve brain health. Hearing aids not only help to make sounds louder but also clearer. When your brain receives a clearer speech signal it can process that information more efficiently.


We have all heard the saying “use it or lose it”. That applies to the neurons in our brain as well. When a hearing loss develops the ear is not sending the correct signals to the brain. The auditory part of our brain is not receiving the information it is accustomed to. It is possible that the connection between those neurons eventually starts to weaken. The good news is that when we wear hearing aids we are sending accurate information to the brain which can strengthen those connections. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to form new connections between neurons.

Maintain a Young Brain

Wearing hearing aids can help to improve our self confidence and quality of life. When we hear better we are more likely to engage in conversation and try new things. Studies have shown that interacting with others and trying new things helps to maintain a healthy brain. A person who has untreated hearing loss might avoid group situations or restaurants because they have difficulty understanding in noise.  Think of how your life can improve if you were able to hear better.

Hearing aids are not an indication that you are getting older.  On the contrary, hearing aids can actually help you to stay young and vibrant.  Wearing hearing aids may help you to become more social and active. Going outside, meeting new people, talking with friends and family can improve our physical and mental health.

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