Alleviating Manual Burdens

by Tom lop on 05-07-2020 in USA Company Directory

Manual loading: What makes campaigns collapse

While working with Microsoft Dynamic 365  customers for many years to automate the marketing process, Dynamics 365's marketing has proven to help eliminate many of the problems caused by manual processes. Here's a list of problems we've often encountered with manual marketing in practice:


Question 1: Losing the opportunity to generate a lead

The most common problems tend to be in the way healthy prospects are generated:

No perspective customization.

Poor communication (missed deadlines, lack of skilled response, etc.).

Lack of transparency in the perspective process.

Question 2: Inconsistent marketing efforts

The problem is complex and often stems from a lack of insight into the need for an idea and manifests itself in the travel of non-converting clients. Here are some common examples:


Transfer the content of the pass.

Missed targeted activities.

Lack of commitment plans.

Question 3: Email Marketing Error

If you deliver e-mail manually, you are likely to encounter the following issues that affect your overall email marketing performance:


There is a lack of consistency in the e-mail (messages are blurred, poorly structured, etc.).

Device optimization is ignored (for example, e-mail looks bad on the mobile screen).

Subsequent activities are missing.


Tips that lessens the burdens

Lead scoring and segmentation

What are the benefits of lead data if you can't use potential data to take advantage of your strengths? Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM  is used for marketing that allows you to enforce lead scoring rules based on collected lead data. Using the collected data and built-in AI, Dynamics 365 allows leads to be automatically segmented (rated based on the data provided) and information about the likelihood that they will purchase a product or service. Please note that you can continuously improve the rating system by providing accumulated lead data, increasing your chances of completing other transactions.

Customer travel

MS Dynamics 365 is marketing-oriented, allowing you to create a predefined "path" for each prospect, including activities that you interact with them. These activities include sending an email, planning a presentation, or organizing a meeting. Customer travel is also a valuable asset when fully integrated into existing marketing workflows. For example, MS Dynamics 365, which targets marketing users, will be notified of each deadline they must meet and measures that are appropriate for the current customer travel phase. To better illustrate how customer travel works, check out the figure below.

Interactive pages

To advance the journey of potential customers, MS Dynamics 365 consultants offer a variety of lead capture forms and destination page designers, providing easy tracking for existing emails and other marketing campaigns. It includes a preview feature to help ensure the desired user experience on any device.

Email templates

Dynamics 365 Consultants help email marketing features drag and the decline of marketing email designers. Here, you can use customizable templates to express your ideas and communicate your intentions as you wish.

360-degree view in the foreground

Microsoft Dynamics 365 focuses on marketing, collecting and storing data from each point of contact in one place, and storing potential customers. This data may include contact 

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