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Having a solid bank by your side is a very important criterion for your business. Most online businesses if not all, thrive because of the solid financial institutions they’re banking with. An example of those banks is the security state bank.​ With security state bank, you’ll be exposed to lots of business features and benefits. In this article, you’ll discover all there is bank has to offer you and how you can grab hold of this fantastic opportunity to enhance your business. Security State Bank offers a lot of business banking services to clients.

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BUSINESS BANKING: with business banking, business owners can be able to manage their revenue and capital used for their business, and this helps adequate business growth.

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  • BUSINESS CHECKING: here in the security state bank, customers get a various business checking accounts to fit their needs. The business checking accounts can be for L.L.C., sole proprietorship, corporation, or a partnership. There are various types of business checking accounts and they include:
  • Regular business checking: its features comprises of debit card (minimum opening deposit of $100), online & mobile banking (minimum balance fee of $3 + $0.15 per debit, optimal ipay (bill pay) with online banking (helps reduce your service fee), card valet app, unlimited transactions, 24hr telephone banking, night depository service, images of canceled checks with statements
  • N.O.W Business checking: its features comprises of interest rate which is based on a tiered rate structure (it requires a minimum opening deposit of $100.00), debit card, online mobile banking, an optional ipay (bill pay) accompanied by online banking, unlimited transactions, card valet app, 24hr telephone banking, night depository service, images of canceled checks with a statement.
  • Corporate partnership or L.L.C checking: its features include debit card, online & mobile banking (monthly service fee of $5 + $0.10), optional ipay (bill pay) with online banking.


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  • BUSINESS SAVINGS: with SSBWA, you can save a lot of money made by your business. Security state bank provides you with various saving accounts for you to make use of for both short and long-term savings. 

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  • BUSINESS MONEY MARKET: with these savings account customers will be able to receive interest rates with quarterly bank statements and its features include unlimited bank withdrawals or transfers between bank accounts (including loans) are permitted, customers get variable interest rates based on a particular tiered rate structure, monthly compounding and crediting of interest, 24hr telephone banking, online and mobile banking, e-statements, bank statements will be delivered quarterly.
  • CDs & IRA: certificates of deposit are very important for your business because it can lay many fears to rest. Security state bank is insured by the FDIC which means customer’s money is protected. Its features include:
    • Term deposits
    • Customer selects term from 91 days to 5 years
    • Minimum deposit on selected terms from $500.00 t0 $2500
    • Individual retirement account usage
    • Annual percentage yield
    • 24hr telephone banking
    • Online banking
  • BUSINESS LOANS: loans are one of the backbones of a business startup. With loans, businessmen can usa company directory - security state bank & trustacquire the adequate funds they need to kick start their business. Washington state bank offers adequate loans for commercial business and this helps the community grow and develop.
  • AGRICULTURAL LOANS: agricultural investment is one of the best forms of investment since it yields a lot of profit after a while. Agricultural financing is very important to an agricultural business because the agricultural business itself needs lots of capital for it to be able to grow on a large scale and security state bank & trust provides them with just that.



BUSINESS SERVICES: with business services, business owners can be able to efficiently run their business without any error in their cash inflow and outflow.

  • MERCHANT SERVICES: with merchant services, businesses, and individuals are provided with the tools and requirements for them to accept credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of e-payments for transactions to take place.
  • MERCHANT DEPOSIT: this account type allows businesses to accept various payments by debit or credit cards. With this account, when a customer pays for a particular product with a credit or debit card, the funds are deposited into the merchant account then later transferred to the business account.
  • TELEPHONE BANKING: security state bank provides you with 24hr telephone banking with balance and account activity available. With this, you can be able to transfer funds between accounts to make your business easier for you.
  • DEBIT CARDS: debit cards are simply your portable checkbooks. With the security state business bank master card, transactions have never been easier and it is more preferable to writing a check.
  • SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES: security state bank provides safe deposit boxes for its customers to keep their important documents, valuables, and some cash. With these boxes, customers are rest assured that their other valuables are kept safe.
  • NIGHT DEPOSITORY SERVICES: security state bank provides night depository services so business owners can make deposits after regular banking hours. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that business owners can be able to make transactions anytime.
  • BANK & PERSONAL MONEY ORDERS: customers can make use of money orders when they cannot use their checks and with just 1 request the money orders will be ready for them.
  • NOTARY SERVICE: security state bank offers free notary service for their customers at any of their offices during business hours
  • WIRE TRANSFERS: with low fees wire transfers, funds can be transferred easily through all networks.


BUSINESS ONLINE BANKING: with this free online banking platform, business owners can make their business easier and faster with the internet. Online banking is one of the most essential needs of business growth and with security state bank, customers are exposed to various features of the online banking platform.


  • Business owners will be able to view account information
  • Business owners will be able to view the history of their accounts including all transactions of their debit cards
  • They can retrieve and print statements
  • They can download the statements online

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If you’re looking for the best bank that provides you with all the services your business requires to thrive, then security state bank can be your first choice.


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