Top 11 Reasons To Start Using An Online Paystub Generator

by John Max on 07-12-2020 in USA Company Directory

They say money is what keeps the world rolling. Whether or not you agree, you cannot deny that money – and keeping track of it – is crucial to enjoying a comfortable life. If you are salaried or self-employed, you must have a written record of your monthly payment, deductions made by your employer, and your net pay. This, precisely, is what gets detailed in a paystub. If you are an employer, you have to share regular and updated paystubs with your team, in line with the latest tax guidelines.

In the past, maintaining paystubs on paper was the norm (hence, the massive need for filing and storage space). But today, more and more businesses are moving toward paperless payroll or online paystubs. Let’s understand the rationale behind this shift and why it’s something you should embrace too!

Benefits of an Online Paystub

Here are the benefits you’ll experience once you start using a reliable online paystub generator:

  1. Instant Gratification

When you’re sitting down to work on paystubs and tax forms, your mind already has a lot to process. The last thing you want is to have all the information ready and then wait for days to get your paystubs! With, you are assured of instant delivery of printable check stubs in your mail-box, as soon as you complete payment. In case you don’t receive the paystub(s) within 24 hours, you can claim a full refund.

  1. Bang for your Buck

If you are an employer who needs payroll services for his employees, you may have hired a financial consultancy/firm. The retainer fee of such agencies can be exorbitant. However, if you use a reliable online paystub generator, you can save a lot of money! For example, at StubCheck, you get the first paystub entirely free and pay only $3.49 the next paystub onwards. You can also benefit from attractive discounts for bulk orders. Over time, you’ll be able to see considerable savings trickling in from your once-costly payroll-servicing bucket.

Note: An online paystub generator cannot replace the expertise provided by a financial consultant/agency. It is recommended to use only a professional paystub generator like that is up-to-date with the latest tax guidelines. You should also seek a tax professional’s advice on a case-to-case basis.

  1. Incredibly Easy to Use

A good online paystub generator must be user-friendly and offer clear-cut templates. StubCheck offers a Regular Paystub as well as an Enhanced Paystub that you can customize according to your needs. It is as easy as filling your information, previewing and printing!

  1. Eliminates Lengthy Calculations

Remember that experience of poring over Excel sheets, making long calculations, formatting, and repeatedly checking to ensure correctness? That can become a thing of the past with an online paystub generator like StubCheck. It has an in-built intelligent calculator that handles all the math for you.

  1. Saves Time (Lots of it!)

When you switch to a check stub maker online, you save more time than is apparent at first – time spent to deliver paper stubs, resolve issues of lost stubs, respond to employee queries, dealing with frauds…An online paystub frees up tons of time that you can utilize for more productive pursuits.

  1. Useful for The Self-Employed

An online paystub can be a Godsend if you are self-employed. Simply create your paystub on StubCheck, print, and use as required to show proof of income, avail of bank loans or apply for credit cards.

  1. Automatic Tax Compliance

This is perhaps the biggest source of tension resolved for both employers and employees! An efficient paystub generator like StubCheck automatically stays updated with the latest tax guidelines and calculates deductions accordingly. This means you can be assured you are filing your taxes correctly, like a responsible citizen.

  1. Reliable Solution

Machines were invented for a reason – they are high on reliability! When you use an online paycheck stub maker like StubCheck, you are assured that paystubs will be created on time and your employees will get paid on time. Glitches like bad weather or an unexpected event will not incur delays for your business.

  1. Eliminates Need for Physical Storage

As your business grows, space can become a real concern – literally! Moving to online paystubs does away with the need for physical storage. All your payroll information can be neatly stored on a computer/drive. 

  1. Environment-Friendly Solution

The planet is getting more polluted by the day, and cutting down trees for paper only makes it worse. A simple way for you to reduce the use of paper is to switch to online paystubs. Bonus: This also lets you pitch your business as environment-friendly.

  1. Constant Accessibility

With online paystubs, you have constant access to a lot of important information online – payroll data, employee data, and W-2 forms. Goodbye forever, waiting-for-information!

Clearly, online paystubs have a distinct edge over their paper counterparts. They could be the difference between an average business and one that’s steered toward success.

Note: Before moving to an online paystub, ensure to check with your legal team that your state allows for it. Some states require that employees be offered paper stubs or be able to opt out of online paystub delivery


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