Dr. Hitesh Garg spine surgeon Artemis Gurgaon in Florida

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Spine surgery might be an alternative if conservative treatment haven't worked and your ache is chronic and disabling. The future of back pain treatment is here today with Dr. Hitesh Garg spine surgeon Artemis Gurgaon from switching off nerve-induced back pain like a light to spinal fusion and artificial disc replacement Dr. Hitesh Garg spine surgeon Artemis Gurgaon strives to exceed his patients’ expectancies with the aid of offering targeted, high-quality affected patient care.

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 I Had a Great Experience...., 10-10-2023 05:25AM

By: kevin

Listen up, fellow back pain warriors, because I've found the ultimate cure! This Dr. Hitesh Garg spine surgeon Artemis Gurgaon is like a treasure trove of relief. They looked at me and my persistent back pain, nodded like they totally got it, and then worked their chiropractic wizardry. I'm talking about a back that's happier than a kid in a candy store!

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